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Members of the association

The European association for wastewater heat recovery gathers inventors, manufacturers and distributors that all have in common the thrive for durability.

All waste water heat recovery systems sold by members of the association have been tested by an independent laboratory and meet EU and national water safety codes.


The Netherlands

For over 70 years, the ACO Group has been developing, manufacturing drainage systems for rain- and wastewater. Driven by our company purpose – durable drainage solutions for tomorrow’s environmental conditions – we offer heat recovery systems for shower water and wastewater solutions for commercial kitchens and industry.       +31 314 368 280




Since 2009, Biofluides has equipped more than 120 sites, i.e. more than 10,000 homes, with its self-cleaning ERS system, the typical application of which is the preheating of domestic hot water to 55°C. Basement installation on the building wastewater collector.

Buildings concerned: collective residential and tertiary sector from 10 homes or 1m3/day.       +33 7 79 80 41 87




CERIAN SHOWER was founded in 2017, we developed a flat shower tray, that fits in all kinds of households from apartment buildings to single family homes. Our shower system is unplugged, easy to install and doesn't require any maintenance. In the 21st Century, it doesn't make sense to throw energy down the drain.       +34 96 023 96 05


The Netherlands

Counter Flow Products BV designs, produces and supplies highly efficient WWHR products to recover heat from shower waste water. Its people have great knowledge of, and long lasting experience with developing WWHR products. With a broad range of products, It offers solid solutions for both residential and commercial appliances. Counter Flow feels strongly committed to lowering the energy consumption for hot water use in buildings and contribute to reaching EU climate goals.  



Based in Brussels, the International Copper Association (ICA) Europe is the leading advocate for the copper industry in Europe. As ICA's European branch, the organisation represents companies that mine, smelt and recycle copper for use across the economy, in the electricity system, buildings, transport and industry. Through a team of policy, industry and scientific experts, ICA Europe promotes copper as an essential material for achieving the EU's ambition of a resilient, climate-neutral Europe and seeks to ensure that EU policies enable the sustainable production of copper to serve Europe's future needs.       +36 30 982 7113



Founded in 2009, EHTech make waste water heat recovery systems for houses, buildings, gyms, hair salons, swimming pools and industry.        +33 972 60 91 83



Evolsys distributes waste water heat recovery systems for France. With experience acquired since 2006 in renewable and recovery energy systems, Evolsys provides the largest range of products, advice, and expertise.        +33 981 23 22 74



Gaïa Green is the exclusive distributor in France and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg for ReQup® greywater heat recovery systems. Gaïa Green offers a wide range of products, easy to install and providing a high level of comfort. ReQup® systems are the only ones in France to have obtained their Avis Technique from the CSTB.          +33 6 72 10 88 67


The Netherlands

Hamwells was founded in 2015 and develops and manufactures shower systems that greatly reduce the need for hot tap water. We strongly believe that this is one of the most important steps in lowering energy consumption and reaching climate goals. Our shower system named the Blue was released in 2019. At this moment we have 4 versions in production. They are designed specifically for apartments and 1-storey residential buildings. The need for hot water and thus energy for showering is lowered with up to 72.5%. This is achieved through the implementation of an efficient heat recovery module and internal pump.       +31 85 303 6496



Joulia was founded in 2010 with the aim of making heat recovery from wastewater a matter of course. Thanks to a lot of innovation, passion and modularity, the interdisciplinary team has succeeded in integrating the certified heat exchanger modules into its own shower drains as well as supplying well-known sanitary manufacturers with them.        +41 32 366 64 22


The Netherlands

Nowadays the greatest demand for energy is for the generation of hot tap water. And take into account that 50ltr of hot water per person is washed through the shower drain daily. Enough reasons to take the shower HRS to the next level. MEED BV supplies a complete shower solutions in which an Helix formed heat-exchanger is combined with an E-boiler. With an efficiency of 80%, the MEED Energeyser is one of the best performing solutions on heat recovery. Meet you at MEED.       +31 850647825


The Netherlands

Q-Blue has more than 15 years of experience in the development and production of innovative, highly efficient shower heat exchangers for domestic houses, apartment buildings, hotels, swimming pools and industrial appliances. More than 75000 heat exchangers found their way to happy users in Europe. All products are fully certificated and meet the relevant European standards in drinking water safety.        +31 591 374570



Quantia has developed Gecko, a new solution for bathrooms, campgrounds,
sports halls, hair salons, hotels and car washes. It is an active heat
recovery system for grey water from the shower. To overcome the problem
of clogging of the exchanger, a cleaning nozzle has also been developed
for this application. Measured at 88% efficiency by the CSTB, it has
been honored with an Award at CES in Las Vegas 2021 and the Solar
Impulse Label.       + 33 685 548 081



RECCAL design and produced systems which will achieve a sustainable environmental footprint in recovering waste water heat. Using proven technologies, our product, TurboSiphon® provides simplified installation and easy maintenance. Noble and recyclable materials offer a reliable and sustainable solution which is part of the reduction of the carbon footprint of our product lifetime.       + 33 687 326 183


United Kingdom

Recoup Energy Solutions (Recoup WWHRS) was founded late in 2011 with the sole aim of offering the most efficient, and most diverse range of certified Waste Water Heat Recovery Systems (WWHRS) available.        +441379 844010



Sanura develops the world’s first plug & play shower heat exchanger that can be installed in minutes and saves 35% of energy on average: the Flatmate.  The Flatmate is specifically developed for use in existing bathrooms, where conventional shower heat exchangers cannot be installed due to the high implementation costs. +31 30-227 13 93



Manufacturer of smart shower intended to reduce energy costs for heating water. The company integrates a heat exchanger that transfers heat of warm outflowing water to the cold inflowing fresh water which operates without connection to an otherwise inefficient central hot water system, enabling customers to use hot water heat recovery systems while reducing the carbon footprint.



Based on a powerful structured organization, SOLARONICS Chauffage has been manufacturing and installing heating products and renewable systems from greywater heat recovery through a long industrial tradition serving its customers        +33 320 10 59 59


The Netherlands

Selling WWHR since 2005, Technea advises and calculate many sustainable technology for installers and consultancy agencies (heating and cooling, DHW boilers, Solar thermal systems, Solar panels...). +316 15 02 00 72



ThermiUp design and market heat recovery devices. They are compatible with all type of energies, simple, passiv, and have a very good saving/Cost ratio. +332 51 85 80 69



“We are Germany's pioneers on the way to comprehensive heat recovery from shower wastewater. With various products from our own production, as well as products from our partner companies, we always supply our customers with the right solution. The Warmduscher is easy to retrofit and is now also available for bathtubs!”  +4951154680540



Since 2009, providing a smart and affordable solution for homes and businesses around the world to reuse the valuable energy needed to heat the shower water.        +351 210 991 351

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